Craignure Shore Path Christmas Light Experience

February 7, 2024

This month we would like to spotlight the project recently supported by The Waterfall Fund for a Craignure Shore Path Christmas Light Experience.

Craignure Bay Community Group grew out of the desire to conserve and improve the village environs for all, following the threat of new pier developments impacting on the limited and valuable amenity space. For the last several years the group have organised and installed a Christmas lighting display along the shore footpath leading south through the village from the pier terminal. This has been achieved through the use of battery operated LED Christmas lights and has been a very successful and much appreciated event.

However, the group felt that a more sustainable and improved approach could be achieved through the use of a projected kaleidoscopic lighting system, powered from the mains street lighting.

The geography of the footpath, running as it does through trees between the shore and the main A849 road, prevented a unique opportunity to enhance the uplifting experience for all who pass through the village.

For the past several years the project was undertaken on a purely amateur basis, utilising the resources available to the group. They subsequently enlisted the assistance of professional lighting designers, who transformed the experience into something more fitting for the welcoming atmosphere they aimed to create. Despite being a small village, they felt a responsibility to extend a warm welcome to the island, reinforcing the notion of Craignure as a destination worth visiting and enjoying.

The funding helped the group to transition from dependency on non-sustainable battery lighting to equipment that could be powered by mains electricity provided by the Argyll & Bute council, thereby enhancing the display significantly. In previous years, their small community had relied on the recurring generosity of local businesses and residents. However, they feared that this reliance might become unsustainable. Once acquired, the equipment was safely stored for future use, ensuring it could be reused and made available to the community for years to come, with only connection and disconnection charges to be incurred.

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